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People change their minds. It's just a fact of life. Our polls help you stay on top of trends so you can make informed decisions. And you don't need to be a mathematician to understand the data. Our Panels make your task even easier by helping you create and manage collections of polls.

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What is a votetrends panel?


A panel is a collection of polls that you can let your public vote on.


You can add or remove polls at any time.


You can add other people's public polls to your panels.


You can share your results with your public, or keep them private.


Engage your community.


Get actionable data that's easy to understand.

Voice your opinions with numbers

→ Want to tell the world what you think with data?
→ Want to be able to change your mind?
→ Want to stay anonymous?

Vote, vote again, and again.

because data affects the world around you.

Get honest opinions from your friends

→ Want to know what your friends think?
→ Want to know what the world thinks?
→ Want to see how their opinions change over time?

Create private or public polls.

by letting them vote anonymously.

Gauge public opinion for your organization

→ Want to engage your public?
→ Want to easily see trends?
→ Want to share with your public?

Create a panel and start adding polls.

because its decisions depend on what people think.

More reasons to try votetrends?

Take a look at some polls created by users like you:

  • Welcometrend11
    What is your primary source for world news?
  • Welcometrend34
    Who will surpass the US as the next superpower?
  • Welcometrend127
    How would you describe your political views?
  • Welcometrend59
    How do you feel about paternity leave?
  • Welcometrend208
    Which search engine do you prefer:
    Bing or Google?
  • Welcometrend256
    Do you think it's too late to reverse the effects of climate change?

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